Why i Love my Mom ♥ ♥

  • When you were born, your mother spent hours giving birth to you; you thanked her by crying every night in the middle of her sleepi love you mum
  • When you were 4; your mother bought you ice- cream; you thanked her by dropping it all over the floor
  • When you were 6; your mother used to drive you to school; you thanked her by closing the car door and not even
    looking back
  • When you were 10; your mother paid for music lessons; you thanked her for not even bothering to practice
  • When you were 12; your mother paid for summer camp; you thanked her by not even writing one single letter
  • When you were 13; your mother took you and your friends to the movies; you thanked her by asking her to sit
    on a different row
  • When you were 15; your mother was waiting for an important phone call; you thanked her by being on the
    phone all day
  • When you were 17; your mother cried on your graduation day; you thanked her by partying out with your friends all night; and not even calling her to tell her that you are okay
  • When you were 18; your mother carried all your bags and stuff to your college campus; you thanked her by
    telling her to go away as you was embarrassed in front of your friends
  • When you were 25; you got married and your mother cried of happiness on your wedding; you thanked her by
    moving half way across the country & not bothering to keep in touch
  • When you were 30; your mother was old and asked you to take care of her you thanked her by telling her that
    shes annoying and old people should stop being such a pressure on their children
  • Then suddenly one day; your mother quietly died; and everything that you didn’t do came rushing back and hit
    you like a crash of thunder on your heart.
    Cherish and respect your mother while you have the chance… You will come to Cry when she is Gone.Remember:
    We only have one mom. Why don’t you Kindly press LIKE and SHARE this if you are proud of her ♥ ♥
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